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Blog moving

This is my last post here as I say good-bye to this blog! The Enchanted Inkpot has moved its digs over to Blogger and, as admin, I'm moving too. All you writers and readers of YA and MG fantasy, please visit us at http://www.enchantedinkpot.com.

Fantasy Reading Binge

I'm back and am reading a bunch! Here's what's on my bookshelf right now:

Spellweaver by Lynn KurlandStorm Glass by Maria V. SnyderThe Wizard's Ward by Deborah Hale

I'm also jazzed about the release of the sequel to Everlasting, The Eternal Sea, by Angie Frazier, and the next in the Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. Can't wait to get  my hands on these!

The Eternal Sea by Angie FrazierClockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Also, you'll want to check out all the amazing Young Adult fantasy covers for this fall over on the Enchanted Inkpot. (I can hear my wallet emptying right now. LOL)

And I recently found this review site for Best Romance Novels Today, which lists out fantasy novels separately.

Happy reading! What's on your nightstand?? :)

Let Me GoLet Me Go by Helga Schneider

This book left me dazed and shellshocked. Amazing and horrible and riveting. My heart went out to Helga and I was right with her as she asked questions she could barely bear to know the answers to. More than that, my heart has gone, forever, to those who suffered so much.

Incredibly well-written and immersing. Beyond giving us a grim and chilling glimpse into the SS, this memoir is a complex exploration of what it means to be a daughter and what it means to be a mother.

From the publisher:

The extraordinary memoir, praised across Europe, of a daughter's final encounter with her mother, a former SS guard at Auschwitz.

In 1941, in Berlin, Helga Schneider's mother abandoned her, her younger brother, and her father. Thirty years later — when she saw her mother again for the first time — Schneider discovered the shocking reason: Her mother had joined the Nazi SS and had become a guard in concentration camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau and Ravensbrück, where she was in charge of a "correction" unit and responsible for untold acts of torture.

Nearly three more decades would pass before their second and final reunion, an emotional encounter at a Vienna nursing home, where her mother, then eighty-seven and unrepentant about her past, was ailing. Let Me Go is an extraordinary account of that meeting. Their conversation — which Schneider recounts in spellbinding detail — triggers childhood memories, and she weaves these into her account, powerfully evoking the misery of Nazi and postwar Berlin. Yet it is her internal struggle — a daughter's sense of obligation colliding with the inescapable horror of what her mother has done — that will stay with readers long after the book has ended.

More on International Steampunk City in Waltham, MA. More gadgets! More costumes! More revelry! More fun! :)

First off, here are some more gadgets and models to be seen in Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation (Steampunk Form & Function exhibit):

I loved these tricked out guitars, Steampunk style. They're utterly cool. If I played, and if I were way cooler, I'd have to have one. ;)

For more detail, click on the image above

"Talk to the hand"
...this one almost looks like it could talk back or maybe electrocute you, right? :)
A Steampunk mixing bowl...part clock, part sculpture? All beautiful.

The second floor of the museum housed some amazingly detailed models. There were airships, a submarine (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea style), a Van de Graaff Generator and something called a "Spirit Harvester," all very creative.

The people I met at the festival were really very nice and generous in letting me take pictures (yay!). I loved all the costumes. The Steampunk aesthetic is a blend of Victorian and modern styles, with a cool edge. Goggles, corsets, boots, and vests abound. I loved it all. I also loved this steampunk inspired stationary bike. Fully functional, btw.

Steampunk stationary bike
More on costumes & people...

It was a very family-friendly event. I dragged my husband and son along on Saturday, and they had a good time, especially in the museum. Once we hit the watch exhibit, my engineer/mad inventor husband wandered around with my son, and I don't think he stopped talking the whole time, explaining how this or that worked and why this was such a revolutionary invention. I smiled affectionately and scampered off to ask nice people if I could take their pictures for my blog. So, win-win.

Despite the rain on Saturday--and the epic lightning, I might add--everyone seemed to be in good spirits. (And because of the rain, some of my photos have some rain spots on them. *grrrrrr* ;))

Here's just a bit of the music & dancing featured in the musuem.

In honor of my work-in-progress with Steampunk leanings (aka Through the Spyglass), I attended the International Steampunk City event in Waltham, MA this weekend! We got there late (boo!) and the day was subject to rain (boo!) and the occasional whopper lightning strike (boo!), but everyone we met seemed to be in good spirits regardless. (So, um, YAY! :))

Here's a little photo journey through the city "sure to make Jules Verne proud," or so says the promotional literature, and I can't argue. It was a day of history! gadgetry! costumery! music! & revelry! And, oh yeah, pizza. lol

(Note: due to rain spots on the lens, and perhaps my lackluster photography skills, the pictures didn't come out as great as I'd hoped. I'll try to take more tomorrow with The Big Camera, if we get to go again.)

“Our hope is to create an experience where visitors believe they have entered a real steampunk city. A city Jules Verne would be proud of,” said Stephanie Bassett, Event Director for International Steampunk City. (link)

A pageantry of gadgetry...

Check out this fun and functional Steampunk'd Computer Station!
I have to vote it the coolest thing I saw.
(& I want one)

Steampunk'd Computer Workstation (very cool!)

And I'd love a couple of these Steampunk friendly USB drives. Yes, please. :)
(Link to the artist/inventor's shop on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/WillRockwell?ref=ls_profile )

Stay tuned for more photos of the event this week! More gadgetry and lots of excellent costumes. :)

Also, if you were at the event, chime in with your impressions, favorites, and a link to your own post! Or even if you just love all things Steampunk.


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